My Old Home
Where I go to school
I live with Israel as his guide and friend. It is my job to keep him from walking into things or fall into any holes in the road.
Besides eating, there is playing and sniffing. I could just spend hours walking around with my nose to the ground. Except that when I am walking with Israel he expects me to keep it moving or "hup up" as he likes to say but every now and then I still get to sneak in a sniff or two.
Hi ! ,

My name is Gobi. I have the same name as the Gobi Desert which is a large region in northern China. I was born at Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Yorktown in New York State. They raised me to become a guide dog from the time I was a little puppy!

I was also in prison for a while. This was not because I stole food off a kitchen counter. I was in the "Puppies Behind Bars" program while I was still in training.

I lived with some humans that were prisoners. They were very nice to me and helped me to learn the skills I needed to make me a better guide dog. I like to think that because they took care of me I helped them learned some things too.

When I finished my training the humans at Guiding Eyes invited Israel to come to Yorktown and stay with me. They showed Israel how to use me as a guide dog and how to feed and take care of me. By us working together at Guiding Eyes we learned how to become a team.

Now I live with Israel and we help each other. I help him to go places and he feeds me when I get really hungry. He only feeds me when I am really hungry because dogs feel hungry all the time.